What do we study?

What are studies like at Hiukkanen? What do we actually study

At Hiukkanen you can major in physics, chemistry or mathematics, and you can freely select your minor to enhance your major, guide you closer to your dream job or to create a completely unique set of expertise for yourself. If you are completing the mathematical sciences and teacher education in the future your minor is selected from the teaching subjects. But don’t worry, you have your whole first year to think about these selections! Until then you have a planned schedule you can follow to make sure you are on target with your studies.

Studying at Hiukkanen is motivating and there are plenty of interesting courses you can take. A sense of community in both studying and past-time activities can become extremely meaningful during your studies! Students from Hiukkanen can often be found doing their assignments with their peers at the guildroom or in many of the diverse working spaces found at our campus.