Study advisor says Hi!

Congratulations from getting in to TUT!
My name is Inka and I´m starting my fifth year at TUT. I´m studying to become a teacher and my major is mathematics and my minors are chemistry and software systems. Beside my own studies I´m working as our programme´s study advisor. This means that I´m available to answer any of your study-related questions in my office or at guild room about 6 hour per week. It´s also ok to ask questions outside my working hours if something concerns you.

Here in university you can plan your own studies as you wish. Because of that, it´s very important to start planning early. If you need any help with that I´m here to help you. Your tutors will probably take you to my office in the first weeks so we will meet then!

Inka Ruoste
tg: @Inksu