Studying at Hiukkanen?

Hiukkanen is the guild/association of Science and Engineering students. Students in Finnish degree programme can study Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics as their major subject and students in International Degree Programme in Science and Engineering can study Physics, Mathematics, Information and Communication Technology or Electrical Engineering as their major.

In your first year you will study common core studies in science and engineering which means basic physics and math courses and introduction to academic studies, chemistry, programming, industrial management and languages. In your second and third year you will concentrate on your major and minor subjects. Minor subject is great way to direct your degree towards your interests. In International Degree Programme in Science and Engineering you will choose two minors, one from the major subject options and one can be freely chosen from all English-taught minors in Tampere University.

Hiukkanen has an exam archive where you can find former exams and use them to study for exams. We also have a guild room where you can study with friends and ask help from older students. At the guild room you can find some basic course books that you can use while studying there. Also some other stuff like calculators can be borrowed from the guild room. You will find out more about Hiukkanen when your tutors take you to visit our guild room!