SGU (Sauna Grill and (U)swimming)

Summer needs to come to an end and the challenges of the upcoming semester are ahead. However, before that the traditional SGU of Hiukkanen is here again. Both new fuksis and older students are welcome to enjoy the heat of the mobile sauna Tarzan, the refreshing waters of the lake, barbeque sponsored by TEK, outdoor games and good company. Since the event is held at a public beach, a swimsuit is required if you’re going to the sauna. Remember also to bring your own bottle and towel.

What: SGU (Sauna, (G)barbeque, (U)swimming)
Where: At Suolijärvi beach (sauna will stay warm until 22:00 or as long as people are willing to go to the sauna)
When: On Thursday 22.8. starting at 17