The SGU, in english SGS, AKA Slovakian Gigolos in Swimsuits, is an event that’s organized during the orientation week at the Suolijärvi (Bowel lake) beach in Hervanta. There will be lots of Sauna, Grilling and Swimming involved, with a regrettable lack of gigolos. The event is an essential part of unifying our first-year students (freshman = fuksi), which means that they’ll be taken good care of with lots of activities to be had. At Bowel lake, within walking distance of the campus, everyone will get to know our guild’s most warm-hearted member, the portable sauna Tarzan, that gives us steam to keep boiling long into the day. The SGU (SGS) is also perhaps the best place to try and break Tarzan’s record of people inside it enjoying the steam (löyly) at once, that was made during the last orientation week (52 people, löyly-throwing mandatory). After the fuksi oriented activities, the occasion is open for others as well. Playing mölkky, treasure hunting, mapping out our Laplanders, rabid fuksis from another guild, getting wet, getting dry, sliding down a manual water slide! These among other things happened last year, but what about this time!?! Feel welcome to come and enjoy.