Fuksi’s best friends

First things first we want to congratulate you on getting your study place! Welcome to Hiukkanen!

We are Laura, Mikko, and Moo. We are your fuksi captains and we’re here to guide y’all during the most hype year of your lives. We’ll be here to show y’all the intricacies of teekkari culture for your entire fuksi year, working together with your tutors to make this year unforgettable!

Laura (on the left side of the photo) is majoring in Physics at Hiukkanen and minoring in Mathematics. She’ll start her third year at the university in the autumn. She is from a small village in South Bothnia and has now fallen in love with Hervanta. Beside her studies, she plays volleyball and spends a lot of time hanging out at all kinds of happenings. She can’t wait to see you all new fuksis!

Mikko (in the middle of the photo) is a third year student and he’s majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Industrial management. Mikko is a city boy and he’s from Helsinki but every day spent in Tampere makes him feel more like he’s home. His hobbies are somewhat regular exercise and hanging around in all kind of events with his friends. When you see Mikko in the guild room, hall or events go to say hello!

Moo (on the right side of the photo) is a third year student studying in the International Science and Engineering degree program. He is majoring in IT and minoring in Mathematics and Industrial Management. He is originally from Houston, Texas (yee-haw!) and has lived in Tampere for 11 years. You will find him at all kinds of events and he’s gonna be your best bro, so don’t be shy!

Fuksi year is the best, so we hope you are as excited as we are! There are going to be so many amazing events planned for y’all: sitsit, saunas, kyykkä, excursions. The list goes on and on! Your fuksi year starts with orientation week on Monday the 17th of August. We’re still sorting out the details because of the virus, but there will be stuff happening that we’ll later let y’all know about. The year culminates with the most epic event of all, the teekkari dipping on May 1st. The dipping is an experience of a lifetime! We hope to see y’all around, and if you have any questions for us feel free to ask.


Laura Ala-Hakuni

Email: laura.ala-hakuni@tuni.fi

Telegram: @jaalaura

Phone: +358503058121


Mikko Kuusisto

Email: mikko.kuusisto@tuni.fi

Telegram: @mikko6sto

Puhelin: +358440802989


Moo Oppenheim

Email: moo.oppenheim@tuni.fi

Telegram: @cowsaymoomoo

Phone: +358404830831