Mari and Suvi

Greetings from Tampere!

We are Mari and Suvi, your tutors, pals and forever fuksis because of the coronavirus. First of all, we would like to say that no matter how you ended up here in Hiukkanen; you  have chosen very wisely!

Suvi can be said to be a barefoot resident of Tampere, she is from Lempäälä, which is located right next to Tampere. Mari was born and raised on the shores of the Lake Saimaa, in a small town of Taipalsaari and landed to Tampere almost four years ago.

Our first year went by studying the basic courses and the next year will be mostly our main subject’s mathematics studies. In a few years’ time, Suvi hopes to add teacher’s studies to her degree and Mari is planning on a minor subject in programming. Even though we have the same major, our minors make our future studies quite different.

On our free time you can often find us playing different sports. Mari likes to play floorball and badminton, and Suvi plays football. Also, Mari spends her time jogging in the forests of lake Suolijärvi and reading books. As a new hobby for you we warmly recommend beer pong!

Enjoy the summer! We will make sure that your first year here will be incredible. You can contact us already during the summer in case you have any question or need some help to carry your sofa to the fifth floor! And one more thing; download the Telegram app, it is used to communication among the university community.


Suvi Hoppu



Telegram: @suvihoppu


Mari Muurman


040 7615 709

Telegram: @marimuumari