Matias and Milja

Hello and welcome to Hiukkanen! We are tutors Matias and Milja. We are both second year students and study physics as a major. 

Matias is a cheerful guy, who likes to attend a lot of events (in Hiukkanen we arrange a lot of awesome and diverse events, there’s something for everybody). In his freetime Matias likes to play the guitar and go to the gym. 

Milja also likes to attend different events, her favourite event is an academic dinner party (sitsit) where peolpe sing, eat, drink, talk to each other and even dress up in theme costumes! When Milja is not attending any events, Milja likes to paint in her free time. 

If you have any questions about studying in Tampere, please feel free to send us a message!


Matias Rautanen


TG @fe_nen


Milja Muurinaho


TG @Dekantteri