Kalle and Mea

Hello all new fuksis!

Congrats on your study place and welcome to Hiukkanen! We are Mea and Kalle, your tutors. We look forward to fulfill our important task next autumn: introduce the university world and teekkari culture to new fuksis (that’s you). We’ll help you get started and we are going to organize fun events for you during the year.

We are both going to start our second year of study. Kalle is planning to take physics as his major, his minor instead is still a mystery. He is from Kuru but nowadays he is living in a great place called Hervanta. He likes exercising during his free time, for example going to the gym or playing kyykkä. Kalle is also part of the board of Hiukkanen.

Mea is going to study pedagogics and she is still trying to choose her major, because “hard to decide, everything is fun”. She is from Nokia, but she has always gone to school in Tampere, so the city is familiar to her. Mea has a large variety of free time activities, her favorite ones atm are just going for a jog and taking a walk with nice views. Also participating in student events could almost be counted as a hobby for her.

If you have anything in your mind, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here for you! Remember, there are no bad questions.

The best years of your life are starting soon, see you in the orientation week!


Mea Nevanranta


Telegram: @Meanev



Kalle Lehtola


Telegram: @kallelehtola