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Guild Room

Our guild room is located in the basement of the Sähkötalo building, room number SA 025. To find it, look for red spiral stairs next to Sähkökilta in the lobby to get down and second on the right side you will find our violet door with a bunny on it.

The guild room is a relaxing place to spend you spare time between lectures. You can buy cheap candy and beverages, drink coffee, study, or just chill out on the sofas. The guild room is equipped with a huge TV, a couple of computers and a printer. If you have anything to ask, the guild room is always a great place to look for someone who knows how to help you.

Tarzan – Hiukkanen’s Mobile Sauna

Our biggest pride and joy! Tarzan is a trailer sauna that we can take with us anywhere. In summer 2011 Tarzan was rebuilt and today it’s prettier than ever! You can try our red mobile sauna in our events, and you will probably even get fuksipoints from spending time in Tarzan.

Getting Violet Overalls

All guilds have overalls of different colors. Our color is violet (and we are very proud of it). Overalls are a great way to dress up to most of the parties and for examle during excursions your own clothes will be safe when wearing overalls. The overalls will cost 10 euros for exchange students and degree students. If there are overalls with the right size, you can get yours immediately!

For more information about getting overalls, ask the international officer or just drop in our guildroom. Usually there’s some member of the board who can help you.

Online Exam Archive

Find some old exams to help you study in our online exam archive. There are some English exams, too.