Sports at Hiukkanen

We offer plenty of different sports activities for our members, whether you wish to play floorball regularly, try new exotic sports you have never done before or compete against other guilds for the glory of Hervanta. Below is some information about our regular hours and something for new students. You’re welcome to tag along!

Telegram group for sports related events

Hiukkanen has a telegram group dedicated to sports. The group is meant for discussing about everything related to sports. The link is deleted due to misuse, you can join the group by sending a message to anyone on the board.

Sports events


Floorball at bommari:

Tuesday at 17-18 (field 2)
Thursday at 17-18 (field 1)
Sat at 14-15 (field 1)

Please sign up in advance at so we know how many players are coming (instructions down below).

The guild has some floorball sticks and some goalkeeper equipments (1 full set and 1 partial set), which you can borrow.


on Wednesday at 13-14 (block 1)

In Tamppi-Areena you can play for example badminton, ping pong, floorball, futsal, volleyball etc. Sign up at


1. Go to

2. Register if you haven’t done so already

3. Send a request for an invite for the group named Hiukkanen

4. All events → Hiukkanen → Calendar

5. Sign up for events you intend to attend at least 1 hour before the event starts

6. If you for some reason are unable to show up, please cancel your registration for that event at least an hour before if possible

Any events cancelled will be removed from Hobbydeed and info about cancellations will also be sent to the Telegram group.

Other mentions

Kyykkä (Finnish skittles)

Kyykkä sets can be borrowed from the guild room. Hiukkanen also organizes event Hiukkaskyykkä in January. Because of the 30. annual celebration, a special kyykkä tournament will be held in late September.


By paying the cheap SportUni sports fee (~70€/year) you can use gyms, group exercise training lessons and other sports services at all 3 different campuses (Hervanta, TAMK, Centrum). You can also make personal reservations at Tamppi-Areena to play pool, beach volley, badminton, tennis etc. We also have a tatami at Bommari, which is free to use unless it has been reserved by some other group.

SportUni web page:

Making reservations:

Different SportUni courses:

Different sport clubs:


Hiukkanen usually participates in many tournaments organized by other guilds. Info about these will be posted in the Telegram group.

Some annual tournaments we usually participate in: Volleyball by TVIK, Floorball at night by MIK, rinkball by Skilta, Football by NMKSV, Autek cup, VIP-baseball and Floorball on the street by TeLE.


Don’t hesitate to contact our sports manager, ->Guild -> Board.