Kilometer race with Hiukkanen, Bioner and YKI

Do you wanna eat as many doughnuts as you can during wappu without feeling any guilt? Do you already love exercising or do you need some more motivation? Whatever your answer is, come and defend your quild’s honor in kilometer race between Hiukkanen, Bioner and YKI!

You can contribute to the race by walking, running or cycling and adding a picture proof (Sports Tracker etc.) to your own guild’s forms sheet. Cycled kilometers will be multiplied by 0,33. Use the same nickname every time you fill in the sheet! You can add multiple pictures to one forms sheet, too.

In the winner guild, a sports themed prize will be drawn amongst those who collected over 15 km. Also, the one who collects most kilometers in every guild, will be awarded.

The race will take place during 21.4. – 9.5. Walk, run or cycle, and help Hiukkanen to win the contest!

You can find Hiukkanen’s Forms-link here. In addition, follow the event on Facebook.

WHAT? Kilometer race
WHERE? Anywhere!
WHEN? 21.4. – 9.5.
WHY? So all those kilometers you wander during wappu won’t go wasted