Guild of Science and Engineering Hiukkanen is the subject association for the students of the degree programme in science and engineering. The main task of Hiukkanen is to create a community for students studying these subjects so they can find people like them, help with studies and organize sport and hangout events. Further the tasks include supervising the interests of their students, receiving and tutoring new students, and organizing various events such as corporate visits, sauna parties and sitsis. In addition, our guild has its own guild room, where you can, for example, play various games, study or just hang out between lectures.

Students of Hiukkanen have physics, mathematics or chemistry as their major subject. After thorough basic studies about natural sciences, possible specialization options can be for example photonics, applied mathematics and polymer chemistry. Typical minor subjects are industrial engineering, software engineering and pedagogical studies.

The alumni of Hiukkanen are Masters of Science (in Technology), specialists in technical production and sales. Researchers from academic fundamental research to product development. Teachers, instructors and IT-gurus. Most of all, people of Hiukkanen are problem solvers with a strong technical and mathematical knowledge!

When you get a place to study 

First of all, congratulations to you! Admission to study with us is not a small thing, we are trained by technology and science experts who have the know-how to share with others. However, starting your studies is not just a pat on your own back, so here is a list of things to do before you start studying: 

  • Take your place to study and register as attending / absent 
  • Start looking for housing, if you need it 
  • Remember to apply for student grants! 
  • Check out the pages of our university community, especially the material for the new student here 
  • Read TREY's (Student Union of Tampere University) Fresher's guide here
  • Check out our study sites for the Finnish degree program here or the international degree program here.
  • For international degree students: get in contact with your tutors, i.e. via email, Guidebook or Telegram (they will contact you via email during summer, if they haven’t yet)
  • Check out Fuksiliaani here 
  • Saavu varaslähtöön 18.8., missä voit ottaa sananmukaisesti varaslähdön orientaatioviikkoon ja teekkarikulttuuriin tutustumiseen! 

Fuksiliaani - what is that? 

Fuksiliaani on kiltamme nettijulkaisu, jossa kerrotaan uusille opiskelijoille kiltamme toiminnasta ja ihmisistä toiminnan takana. Fuksiliaanissa voit tutustua etukäteen tuutoreihin, fuksi-ihmisiin ja kiltamme hallituslaisiin, joita tulet fuksivuotesi aikana näkemään useaan otteeseen. Vuoden 2024 fuksiliaani ilmestyy pian!

You can contact our fuksi people, if you have any questions. Contact information can be found by hovering your mouse over the person's picture or clicking the picture.

Justus Mäenpää

Fuksi captain

fuksit(at) TG: Juppemoi

Silja Soini

Fuksi official TG: siljasoini

Iida Liukkonen

Fuksi official TG: slay_cooper

Follow us

Hiukkanen is active on social media, and you can find some vibes from this summer and last years at our pages. Go check them out and follow us!