Hiukkanen combines the students of physics, chemistry, mathematics and software science. We are also the guild for the students in the new  international Bachelor’s degree program! Our first priority is to support our students with all known formulas and axioms. We also organize a variety of inspirational activities and offer help and peer support if you face problems in your studies.

The board

Tutors’ and fuksi officials’ job is guiding the new students through their fuksiyear and introducing them to Hiukkanen, but the guild itself is run by its board. From this website you can find lots of relevant information regarding studiesthe guild and being a part of the board. Being a part of the board is a form of voluntary work for the benefit of its members and even the new members have a chance to be a part of it in the fall. You will find about this and a lot more on the orientation week and the rest of the semester. More info on the board here.

The guild’s own magazine

Liaani is a magazine published by the guild’s own active circle of reporters. It consists of mostly relevant news and opinions in a mostly professional fashion. Every year we publish about two paper issues of the magazine, but some content is found also on Liaani´s own website.

Every year there is also a special edition of Liaani, which is published specifically for new students coming into our study program in the form of this website. On its subpages you can find information on the fuksicaptains and tutors, the guild, and the board members. The editorial staff of Liaani strongly recommends you to check the site even before you arrive.

We hope you enjoy your summer and remember to rest in advance, since you are going take part in a one of a kind journey from being a fuksi to being a teekkari. Congratulations to everyone and welcome to Hiukkanen!

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Hiukkanen is active at social media, and you can find some vibes from this summer and last years at our pages. Go check them out and follow us!