International Affairs

Due to the globalization in the world today, international networks and connections have become more and more essential in our everyday lives. Therefore, many students and Alumni of Hiukkanen will find themselves working in international environments and markets. This holds true for careers in schools as well as academic and industrial fields. Getting used to international surroundings takes some practice and there is no better, or funnier, time for this than your student years! Thus, Hiukkanen and our dear friends from TaSciEn offer our members information, guidance and activities with an international twist.


During the academic year, Hiukkanen and TaSciEn organize international events such as beer pong tournaments, board game evenings and cookie tasting sessions, of which you can find more information from TaSciEn webpages. Furthermore, Hiukkanen and TaSciEn take part in the semiannual International Week where international events of all sorts are held. In addition to these collaborations, most Hiukkanen events are very International friendly and welcome all participants, regardless of nationality.

Exchange studies

One of the most popular and amazing ways to get international experience is, of course, having an exchange semester(s) abroad. The exchange semester is a unique opportunity for visiting interesting countries and getting familiar with different cultures. During the exchange semester, one tends to form long-lasting friendships, have once-in-a-lifetime experiences and improve their study routines.

Tampere University has made mutual exchange agreements with numerous universities around the world. Thus, you have a large variety of countries and cultures to choose from, such as the very familiar student culture of Sweden or more exotic life in South Korea. More information about exchange studies and partner universities can be found on POP.

Other possibilities

In addition to the awesome chances listed above, students at Tampere University have many other possibilities for internationalization:

  • Become an international tutor for degree or exchange students
  • Join one of the many international clubs at our university (such as TaSciEn)
  • Participate in language studies provided by the language center of Tampere University.

If you have any questions about international affairs please contact the International Official of Hiukkanen:

Ella Mahlamäki ,, Telegram @elliespoosta